TJI Java IDE - the easy to use Java IDE for beginners and more experienced Java developers.


Screenshot Gallery

TJI Java IDE : Editor Source Code Folding

TJI Java IDE : The fast and easy-to-use Java IDE

TJI Java IDE : Monospaced font with partial syntax coloring

Visual Debugger : TJI Java IDE

TJI Java IDE : Code Completion

TJI Java IDE : Automatic Source File Backup and Restore

TJI Java IDE : Compile-Time Exception Location in Source Code

TJI Java IDE : 'Round-trip' Java UML Object Oriented Design and Programming

TJI Java IDE : Java Guru API Help System

TJI Java IDE : Java Method Search - shows all matching methods in all classes

TJI Java IDE : Method Calls and Method Called By

TJI Java IDE : Swing GUI Designer with Layout Managers

TJI Java IDE : Swing GUI Designer / Builder using Drag and Drop grid positioning

TJI Java IDE : Tracing result; method calls, field and parameter values, and timings

TJI Java IDE : Java WebServer - can run servlets and JSP

TJI Java IDE : Customised Editor Shortcuts (macros) for automatic text substitution

TJI Java IDE : Predefined Code Shortcuts (block statements and definitions)

TJI Java IDE : JavaDoc-style automatic hyperlinked HTML project documentation

TJI Java IDE : In-built Java language, Java programming and Object Oriented Design tutorials with accompanying full source code example projects (online)

TJI Java IDE : The tutorials cover everything from Hello World to servlets, JSP, databse programming with JDBC and SQL, and UML.

TJI Java IDE : Search and Replace - in current editor document or whole project

TJI Java IDE : Unique file and directory browser

TJI Java IDE : Database Manager - create, populate and manage databases for use in your Java projects using JDBC and SQL

TJI Java IDE : Automatically Implement Listener. TJI also automatically adds import statements to source files

TJI Java IDE : Example Menu - Adding Java source files to the current project


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