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How to SuDoku (IMPROVED April 11)

Part 1 : Solving Simple Puzzles
Part 2 :
Pencil Marks; Singles
Part 3 :
Pairs and Triplets
Part 4 :
Hidden Pairs and Triplets
Part 5 :
'Locked Candidates' (coming soon)

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Updated 10 April : version 2.7   Improved 'hint'

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SuDoku Gold creates the highest quality, symmetrical puzzles with a guaranteed single solution. All our puzzles can be solved by logic, because that is how they are generated. No patterns, templates or base solutions are used - each is created from scratch and will be unique. Created puzzles are rated as either 'easy', 'medium', 'hard' or 'hardest'. The 'hardest' level of difficulty will require analysis and reduction of options at least once at some point. Press the 'New' key to cycle through these levels to get to one you desire.

Use the cursor keys or the mouse to position the blue highlight on the cell you want to modify.
Press 1-9 to fill the cell with that digit, or 'Del' / 0 (zero) / spacebar to remove that entry. By mouse: click on the required number on the popup selector ('X' to remove an entry); a double click can also be used to remove an entry.
The 'Clear' button removes all your entries.
The 'Solve' button determines the solution using logic.
The 'Hint' button inicates a cell that contains a single.

To insert 'pencil mark' options (digits that might go in a particular cell), use the control (Ctrl) key : hold the control key down while typing a number. Repeat to remove, or simply insert as normal. By mouse: use the right mouse button to select from the popup (or press and hold the Ctrl key before invoking the popup). Pencil marks that are no longer required are automaticly removed.

Solve any 9x9 Sudoku !

Click the 'Clear' button until the grid is completely empty, fill in the puzzle as desired and then click on the 'New' button to set your entries as a puzzle (makes the entered cells as clues). You can now play or solve with the 'Solve' button.
You can also enter a puzzle by text - paste into the text area then click on the 'New' button. After a puzzle is solved, the solution will appear in the text area. Can understand almost any textual representation.


The grid is composed of 9 smaller boxes that can each hold 9 digits. These 3x3 boxes, and every row and column of 9 digits, must contain all the numbers 1-9, once only. This is the only 'rule' of SuDoku.

This implementation will indicate if you enter a number that breaks these rules. However, you can mistakenly add a number that does not break the rules but will prevent you from finding the complete solution. Therefore, try to add a number to the grid only when logic tells you that it MUST go there, based on the numbers already supplied (the 'clues').

To get a feel for how one can deduce what numbers can be entered where, try using the 'Marks' function (press the 'm' key on your keyboard to toggle on/off). Pencil marks shown in bold type indicate that that number is effectively the solution number for that cell. These automaticly generated pencil marks are updated as you enter or remove numbers. With experience, you will be able to complete puzzles without this help - just using manual pencil marks when you are stuck. The in-built solver uses logic to reduce the pencil marks to find definite candidates that it can enter.

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Due to overwhelming popularity, this software is now available for purchase for use at home. This version includes printing, being able to save and restore and a large quantity of new puzzles.

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