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The ShenGong ShengDe Stele Pavilion

Further in, the ShenGong ShengDe Stele Pavilion can be seen.

Inside it, there lies a 50 tonne tortoise carrying a stone tablet.

The pavilion was constructed in 1435. The stele records sacred merits and lofty virtues. The front bears an inscription by Emperor RenZong (1378 - 1425) noting the great achievements of Emperor YongLe, who was buried in ChangLing.

On the reverse side, poems by Emperor QianLong and Emperor JiaQing are engraved.

A white marble HuaBiao (ornamental pillar) is positioned at each corner of the stele pavilion. At the top of each is stationed a mythical beast facing either inward or outward, expressing hope that the emperor will neither cling to the palace nor forget to return to the Palace to handle state affairs.

Then come two Roof Pillars on each side of the road, whose surfaces are carved with a cloud design and tops are shaped like a rounded cylinder.

The Sacred Way (1)