Public Holidays in China

Beijing, China

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Public Holidays in Beijing, China

Offices and museums are generally closed on public holidays. However, parks, shops and restaurants tend to remain open. The following lists the state holidays in China.

January 1 :
Western New Year Day

As with Christmas, becoming increasingly an occasion for celebration. The day after, Christmas trees and snowmen are replaced by red lanterns ready for the coming Chinese New Year.

End of January / start of February (dependent on the lunar calendar) :
Spring Festival

(Lunar New Year) China's most important holiday. Families gather together from far and wide to eat, exchange gifts and welcome in the new year. 5 days.

March 8 :
International Women's Day

April 4-5 :
Qing Ming (Tomb-Sweeping) Festival

The traditional day to visit and clean ancestors graves.

May 1 :
Labor Day

Holiday honoring the workers.

May 4 :
International Youth Day

Commemorates the May 4 Movement of 1919.

Late May / June (date dependent on the lunar calendar) :
Dragon Boat Festival

Festival memorializing the poet and patriot Qu Yuan who drowned himself in political protest.

June 1 :
Children's Day

July 1 :
Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party

August 1 :
Anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army

Honors the armed forces.

September (dependent on the lunar calendar) :
Mid-Autumn Festival

A lunar holiday celebrated during the harvest period. Families gather to eat moon cakes and light candles.

October 1 :
National Day

Commemorates the Communist victory in 1949. 5 days from October 1st.

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